Why should we contact an Event agency? Why Micon Consulting

The first time you come to our website you have one question: Can they handle all of this?
Then you might ask yourself:
Will I find hostesses who certainly earned its title as a good spirit?
Will I get here hotels for best rates?
Can I get a good catering offer here?
Is it possible to receive a creative concept for our booth and advertising materials?
How about light, sound, moderators, DJs, dinner events, meetings, conferences and consulting for your exhibtion organization?

Yes, we can handle it all.
Certainly not on our own but but we are experienced for 25 years in hotels, events and caterings. After all these years we know all and sundry and created a large network of professionals who share our high quality standard.
We dont just get our job done but due to our customer satisfaction evaluation we know that our servicee is “very good”.
If we could not convince you totally please contact us and we will discuss all questions with you.