Micon Consulting is your partner for booth design/construction

The first impression of the exhibition visitor to your booth is decisive. The moment in which the potential client viewed your booth and advertising materials, decides if you have gained his interest. If the customer feels well affected by your presentation, shows interest and steps on your stand, the floor plan should also meet the needs of the customer and your salesperson.

Customers need to information:
All Information should be presented product-specific and integrable in your stand concept.
Once this opportunity has been given you should offer different kind of presentations i.e. Videos, brochures, spreadsheets or product samples.

Customer needs to respect, attention and appreciation:
If possible your conversation should lead in an undisturbed environment.
Together with you we are planning the meeting zones where you can focus on your client and where you are secure from interruptions.
For the booth design and construction we work with architects, engineers and booth constructors who will develop a tailor made concept with you.

We will advise you when ordering your floor space and build your exhibition stands with the best price / performance ratio; whether for sale or for rent. On request all details are taken into account from ashtrays to plants and coathanger, so no hidden extras will arise. Rented stands provided by the exhibition organization are neutral in color and impact to utilize it for different exhibitions/branches. Only a stand concept which is designed to your need and success will reach the maximum impact.