Fairies with pumps

Lets face it right at the beginning.

“I cannot say often enough how much I consider beauty a powerful and advantagerous quality. It holds the first place in human relations; it presents itself before the rest, seduces and prepossesses our judement with great authority and a wondrous Impression”.
French philosopher Michel de Montaigne, 16th century

We offer event staff from different hostess agencies

Attractive event hostesses and hosts are like a magnetic to your prospective clients and it is our endeavour to get as many visitors to your stand as possible.
This would be reason enough to use this medium. We can do more for you! We only send you experienced hostesses and hosts, with charme, the ability to communicate in different languagues, diligent and with a sense how to support you. The event staff fill up your brochure display, make small talk to your potential customer until you have time to take over or serve refreshments. The focus is always on you and to represent your company in the best possible way.
No matter where you need a hostess agency i.e. Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hannover … we will find the best hostesses and hosts for you in any destination.