With snacks to success

The selection of the caterer is as important as the choice of food.
With the performance and the type of food you express appreciation for your customers.

„When you have enjoyed your meal and drinks, you feel like you are reborn; feel stronger, more courageous and skilful to your business.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We discuss your needs with you and check all event catering offer according to your criteria. The information will be rehashed and shown in a clear spreadsheet.
Furthermore we give you some comments about strength and weaknesses about each offer.
Price-differences up to 70% for the same products are possible to achieve. Micon Consulting is your catering agency if look for a catering during the exhibition.

Show bartending

Nothing arouses our attention more than fast moves, fire or unexpected acoustic attraction.
Because of the massive amount of impressions during an exhibition it is difficult but important to win customers attention. A cocktail bar itself is an attraction to everybody. Show bartending is the cherry on the cream or champions league as people stops automatically and are fascinated because of the pictures and art a show bartender presents. Once the potential client stops it is much easier for your sales person to start a conversation. Apart from this the cocktails of the show bartending crew are delicious.